10 Tips for Small Business Owners and Start-Up Owners


10 Tips for Small Business and Start-Up Owners

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10 Tips for Small Business Owners and Start-Up Owners 


With 90% of new ventures failing, acquiring or starting your own business can be very challenging and intimidating. There is nothing wrong with seeking advice regarding your new venture to help get your business off on the right foot.

These tips are here to help keep your business operations running smoothly. Sure, you are going to face challenges, but it is how you overcome those challenges that will help you stand out. Use these tips to avoid falling into pitfalls that many first-time entrepreneurs have fallen into.


1) Be Passionate About What You Do

When it comes to business, doing what you love makes it so much easier to succeed. Small business and start-up owners should have a passion for their business and believe in the market, product/service and brand. Many people hate their job and dread going to work everyday. If this is case for a business owner the negativity and lack of passion will hinder employee morale and overall business efforts. In order to succeed, you need to believe in your business – your employees and customers will follow suit.

2) Believe in Yourself

Every entrepreneur doubts themselves at some point during their journey, but you need to fully believe in your capabilities and strengths no matter the obstacle. Mistakes are inevitable. Understanding that you will fail at times, learning from your mistakes and moving forward with reliance is how you are going to succeed. Recognize that you have what it takes to be successful, don’t doubt yourself and believe in yourself will have success knocking at your door.

3) Listen to Advice From Others

Many entrepreneurs have grown their start-up businesses to successful corporations. Seek advice and learn from their challenges. By seeking advice from established entrepreneurs, you can avoid potential issues with your business and will make operations an easier process. From finding funding, to working with angel investors, other entrepreneurs have experience that you can gain knowledge from and use to your advantage if you are willing to seek advice.


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Don’t be ashamed to ask for advice and guidance.


4) Watch Your Overhead

You need to recognize that you are a start-up. This means watching your cash flow and realizing that setting up shop in an extravagant office building is not a realistic option. You need to keep things simple and observe your costs. Watching where you are spending the most money and scaling back on amenities that you don’t need at the moment will help you in the long-run. Have patience, don’t worry you will get there eventually and wait for the right opportunity to grow. Patience is a virtue.

5) Know Your Competition

Ignoring your competition is a severe weakness as a start-up. You need to perform a thorough investigation and fully understand you competitions’ product and services in order to make yours better. Determine which areas the competition is lacking and seize that opportunity to make your products better. This will secure market share and attract new customers that your competition may not be. Separate yourself from the competition and appeal to customers in a new way. Do your homework and your business will reap the benefits.

6) Practice Your Pitch

As start-up or small business, you know your company the best, making you the best salesperson. Whether you are looking for angel investors or trying to gain more customer loyalty, you need to have an appealing pitch ready to tell anyone and everyone you come in contact with. Be concise, mention your goals, values and vision. You never know who you’ll, having a well rehearsed and appealing sales pitch will impress your audience and help achieve your goals.

7) Get Out and Network

Networking is essential to any entrepreneur’s success. Connecting with others in your industry can help you develop relationships that may help you down the road. Plus, this is also an opportunity to learn from established entrepreneurs which, may present a new opportunity for your business. If you looking to enter franchise business, attending franchise expos can really help your network and spark potential opportunities.


Networking is essential for business success
Networking is essential for business success.


8) Ask For Help

As much as you want to do it all, there comes a time when we all need to ask for help. There is no shame in seeking help to help your business reach the next level. You are going to need help as your business grows, reaching out to someone you trust can be the best thing for your business. You will be able to offload some of the responsibilities which, will free yourself up to focus on projects that have been sitting on the back burner.

9) Continue to Learn

With the most successful CEOs reading 4-5 books a month. taking a page from their habits is not a bad idea. Keep the door open and continue to educate yourself by learning from others. Reading books that focus on self-help, business, motivation, leadership, communication, management can continue to motivate you and your company. By keeping an open mind and continuously learning, you’ll find plenty of new ideas just waiting to be put into action.

10) Don’t Give Up!

Last but certainly not least, don’t give up on yourself! When times get tough, take a step back and appreciate how far you’ve come. If you have the drive and believe in yourself, the potential to succeed in the market is there. Starting a business is extremely difficult, but you need to believe in yourself that you can push yourself further than you have ever before. With hard work comes success and you are most likely on the cup of winning.


Determination and perseverance are the keys to success
Determination and perseverance are the keys to success.


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