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How to Make a Good Decision When Purchasing a Resale Franchise

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What is a Resale Franchise? In the broad market of franchising, the difficult decision of what franchise to invest in and how to evaluate a franchise offering can be compounded when you open up your investment opportunity to the world of resale franchises.  A resale franchise is an existing franchise that is already existing franchise…

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How to Sell Your Business

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How to sell your business   Whether it’s because you want to retire or move on to other challenges, selling your business is one of the most important decisions you will make as an entrepreneur. The first thing you should do to sell your business is consult an accountant and a lawyer regarding the tax…

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Why Selling Your Vision as a Franchisor is so Important?

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Why Selling Your Vision as a Franchisor is so Important?   When you franchise your business, you become a serious sales and marketing person. Fortunately, if you are a successful entrepreneur, you probably are already adept at selling and marketing, franchising is just a magnified version of selling and marketing. What makes franchising a difficult…

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Checklist for Franchising Your Business

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Checklist for Franchising Your Business   Download FREE the Checklist for Franchising Your Business:   You have a successful business and now you’ve hit that point of ultimate scale and speed of growth through the franchise distribution model. This checklist will help you organize your thoughts, actions and steps to be taken in order to…

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