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Top 7 Reasons to Buy an Existing Business

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In times of financial uncertainty, any kinds of investments ought to be scrutinized in order to make a calculated, informed decision. And as far as starting a new business versus buying an existing business, financial experts are weighing in favor of the latter, mainly due to the reason that it has a proven track record….

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10 Secrets of a Successful Entrepreneur

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In today’s world running your own business is creative, makes a person motivated and yet risks taking too. In competitive environment, where there are chances of failures there are more chances of being a successful entrepreneur too. They can become successful when they have the following characteristics in them. 1. Ability To Visualize When once…

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Business in 2016

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There are many people out there who would like to start their own business, but this can be a daunting process. As a result, the majority of those people simply give up without even trying. However, there is a simple solution out there which makes the entire process quick and easy – buying a business,…

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Questions you Must Ask Franchisors Before Buying A Franchise

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Live from a Toronto Franchise Show. If you are thinking of buying a business or franchise, here are things ..

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What to Avoid When Buying a Franchise? – Aziz Hashim, Multi-Unit Franchisee

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Live from Annual International Franchise Association Convention in Las Vegas. If you are thinking of buying a business or franchise, here are things

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Plan Your Exit Strategy Before You Start Your Own Business – Why?

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Most business owner’s start planning an exit strategy when they are thinking about selling their business or franchise, the problem is that this is too late. By this time JP Morgan Chase Goldman Sach is usually full entrenched in the business and to plan and execute an exit strategy at this time may cause drastic…

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Are You Looking To Sell Your Business?

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Business Exchange help business brokers to sell their businesses.

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